LSL 2Slide Rastenanlage SUZUKI GSX-R 600/750/1000, 09-, Racing, Fixierstück rot

Artikelnummer: 118S123-RRT

EAN: 4054783315642

2Slide Rastenanlage GSX-R 600/750/1000, 09-, Racing, Fixierstück rot. Ohne Halterung für Bremslichtschalter. Nicht zur Verwendung im Straßenverkehr!

Kategorie: Fussrastenanlagen

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Not for use in public road, no homologation! For show and racing purposes only! 2Slide Rear SetThe rear set 2Slide represents the current development status of the racing scene. The position of the pegs can be adjusted horizontally by 4 positions whilst the height can be shifted in two slides.The pegs are short and have a rough knurled surface for extra grip, the plates and levers are anodized. The gear lever is designed in a banana-shape to avoid shifting during active cornering movement. By using different spacers you can adjust the shift rod into different footrest positions.Many 2Slide rear sets can be changed to a revers shifting position just by turning the gear shifter, other models need a modification kit. Most 2Slide rear sets can also be used with a quick shifter. In this case a special gear change rod has to be mounted. For this product further items are available: foldable foot peg linkings II foot pegs / Extreme foot pegsNotice: This model variant has no holder for a brake light switch


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